Medical Guide Health Diet Tips is all aarti

Medical Guide Health Diet Tips is all aarti

વોટ્સએપ ગ્રુપમાં જોડાવા ➙ ક્લિક કરો


Medical Guide Health Diet Tips is all aarti  

one app for all major common Diseases symptoms cures treatments and Home Remedies. App advises Health fitness tips and Diet Nutrition Foods for following Major categories:
If you want to consult Dietician for your personalized diet plan chart, app has inbuilt option to contact dietician for your queries or online consultation.

Indian GM Diet weight loss & BMI Check is a 7 day only diet plan to lose weight (up to 8Kgs!) for that perfect look.
GM Diet is considered as world's best weight loss diet program to lose weight naturally.

GM Diet weight loss program consists of fruits, vegetables, dairy and grains that you any way consume in day to day life – just that GM diet weight loss program organizes the quantity and type of food to be taken on each day giving you a balanced diet.

Benefits of GM diet weight loss plan:
- Weight loss of up to 8Kgs in just 7 days.
- No starving (balanced diet 5-6 times a day); Natural way to lose weight.
- Cleanse and detoxify your body – feel energetic and light.
- Glowing skin.
- Reduce belly fat and waist fat.

Indian GM diet weight loss app features:
- Sample balanced diet plan (Indian ingredients) for all seven days.
- Check your BMI (Body Mass Index) to understand if you are underweight, normal, overweight or obese.
- Weight loss tips
- Track and share your progress (water intake, log weight loss progress, BMI).
- Complete diet shopping list (day wise and all in one)
- Read health articles via notifications.
- Available in Hindi and English (more languages coming soon!)

- No annoying ads at all!

So what are you waiting for? Look your best in that upcoming function, party or outing by losing some weight!
Just download the Indian GM Diet weight loss app with BMI Check and get fab (light and glowing) look!

The primary goal of this app is to eat healthy and get fit. This app focused on health goals like daily calorie intake goal, diet plan & steps goal. We believe that if anyone completed their goals, then he or she can definitely get positive results for fitness. That's why we build this app.

Low fat diet, high calorie or low calorie, low carb or high protein? This app helps you to find a diet suited according to your need.

Need a fitness tracker (steps and exercise tracker)?. Want to track steps and exercise on a daily basis. Then this app is made for you.

This App basically contains major features like to eat Healthy Diet, Diet plan, food tracker, Intermittent fasting, food diary, calorie tracker & healthy food recipes, Keto diet, step tracker, workout manager and workout tracker, and lose weight within a single App.

Diety  Features-

● Food planner & macro tracker
● No Coach Needed
● Intermittent Fasting
● Diet plan & diet tips for your goal - lose weight & eat healthier food
● Calorie counter & food tracker with all nutrients
● Macros calculator - track your daily macros, nutrition & calories
● Meal planner - eat healthy food from delicious recipes for any plan
● Step and Health tracker - stay on top of your fitness & health
● Browse a large food database
● Create custom foods and meals
● Get a personalised daily calorie goal based on your profile information
● Keep track of your weight and progress over time
● Review detailed data and create custom daily goals for your nutritional intake of protein,
fat, carbs, fiber, sugar, sodium & more
● Easily keep track of your water intake

CALORIE COUNTER & CALORIE TRACKER:- Calculate your daily calorie goal and track daily calorie with this app and feel healthier. Count or track your daily calorie with respect to your daily goal.

WEIGHT LOSS WITH BEST DIET PLAN: - Lose weight with your personal diet plan. Create your diet plan with Healthy Diet app with ease and calculate the results of a diet plan after one week and one month. Create a diet plan according to your weight goals.

RECIPES & MEAL PLANNER: - There are millions of Food and recipe available for meal planning. The Diety app will suggest you a low fat recipe, High protein, low carb recipe for meal planner with all nutrients

HEALTH TRACKER & FOOD PLANNER:- Step tracker, workout tracker, Calorie counter & food diary features will help you track your daily nutritional values at a glance.

FOOD DIARY, FOOD TRACKER & MACRO TRACKER :- It’s very easy with macro tracker - will help you achieve the right type of nutrients with the macro calculator.

Weight management & adopting a healthy lifestyle is being made simple by use of this health and fitness app. We scientifically compute the calories needed by you based on your Gender/ Height / Age / Weight & your lifestyle. Our health and fitness app, then creates a personalised guidelines for your diet plan, which fits into the calories & nutrition needed by you. Best thing is that the diet plan is based on food items which you like to eat.
You will no longer be required to enter data in a calorie counter as it computes the calories & nutrition count as soon as you put the food that you are about to eat. Now, eat fit and improve health with personalised weight loss solutions from the best health app for nutrition.
It is inspired from the key principles from top dietitians like Manjari Chandra, Rujuta Diwekar of India , Dr. Pamela Popper of the USA and DASH diet. Our main concept is “Eating right is the exact opposite of eating calories”. So, no more need to use an old calorie counter for computing calories to lose weight.
When trying to lose weight, sometimes you need to avoid the dishes to reduce your calorie intake. We will guide you all about this. Opt for our personalised weight loss solutions & achieve fitness goals.
Top Features of ‘SmartDiet Planner’ -
• Lose weight, adopt a healthy lifestyle with a personal diet plan guidelines to build immunity & achieve health and fitness goals. ‘SmartDiet Planner’ creates a nutrition diet chart based on health data , BMI , lifestyle, & diet choices for weight loss.
• No need to log meals with calorie counter for weight loss. We recommend the diet plan based on a database of Indian foods which we normally eat at home most of the time & prefer to eat fit.
• View your health data, weight loss, fat loss progress & daily calories at a glance. This will make calorie counting a habit but without entry of any data.
• The diet planner for weight loss breaks down the diet plan in terms of nutrition i.e. protein, fibre, fats, & carbs intake with accurate macro-nutrient mapping. Each meal is adjusted within the recommended range.
• The diet planner also breaks down the diet plan in terms of distribution of calories in the day aligned to the Circadian cycle which is a scientific & well researched way of weight loss. Now, start with intermittent fasting to lose weight & improve the overall health. Our advisor Manjari also strongly advises the same.
• You can alter the diet plan by choosing what you want to eat from a long list of healthy choices which are aligned to your taste & habits. You need not to skip the dishes. Just eat fit. It is again based on simple concept that knowing “What you can eat is more important than what you cannot eat”

• The moment you select an item we recompute the calories, nutrition & calories distribution in the day and in case any of these is out of range then we notify the same.
• It lets you easily manage dietary health conditions (diabetes, thyroid, PCOS, cholesterol, hypertension) & help the overall immune system fight viral & bacterial infections. So besides weight loss, we focus to take care of your lifestyle ailments also. We use DASH diet principles also
• It shares with you a list of key habits & intermittent fasting tracker which you need to adopt for a healthy lifestyle.


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